The Academy of Sexual Healing Arts

Welcome to the Glastonbury Tantric Temple and Academy of Sexual Healing Arts, the home to quality Tantric practitioner training and Tantra therapists in the UK. This website promotes professional Tantric practitioners, Tantra teachers, as well as Tanta training, mentoring and the continuous professional development of therapists and individuals who embrace tantric lifestyle. The people on this site have been personally selected because of their dedication to the path of sacred sexuality and because they will give you the best quality experience of Tantra.

Tantra Union

Tantra Therapists & Tantric Practitioners

Listed here are professional practitioners who offer various Tantric 1-on-1 experiences, including Tantra massage, Tantric coaching and Sexual Healing. All Tantra practitioners are located by county and welcome direct contact so that they can guide and support your Tantric journey.

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Couples Tantra

Listed here are our flagship Tantra Classes for couples, facilitated by our experienced Temple practitioners, as well as Tantric retreats for a deeper exploration and celebration of Tantric Union.

Tantra Temple

Professional Mentoring

Listed here are the various pathways to develop and support Sacred Sexual practitioners.

Tantra Temple

Tantra Practitioner Training

Listed here is our recognised Tantra Practitioner Training which offers a deep personal and professional journey with sacred sexuality and potential for accreditation as a Tantric therapist.