Tantra templeThe Glastonbury Academy of Sexual Healing Arts is dedicated to the training and development of Tantra practitioners, teachers and facilitators.

Founded in 2014, as a much needed resource for both the existing Tantra professional community, as well as new comers to the industry.

We are committed to the professionalism of Tantric practitioners and as such, has initiated the collaboration between the Academy and other renowned Sacred Sexual Teachers, to co create a dynamic program of trainings for individuals who wish to become practitioners and facilitators of Tantra.

We are passionate about supporting practitioners with their practice, both professionally and personally, as she appreciates how the role of a Tantra professional can be both emotionally and physically challenging, as well as immensely rewarding. To this end, the Academy offers ongoing professional development courses, as well as mentoring and supervision of practitioners.

The Glastonbury Tantric Temple and Academy adhere to the ethos of ASIS and as a member of the committee, We encourage all Temple practitioners and trainees to abide to the ASIS codes of conduct and ethics.

Currently the Academy of Sexual Healing Arts is offering 3 different Tantric practitioner training pathways, as well as various continuous professional development courses.