Learning Tantric techniques for a tantric sexual massage in West Yorkshire

Glastonbury Tantric Temple offers a collection private experiences for couples, each created by our practitioners to celebrate the Sacred Union.

These one to four hour sessions aim to support couples to discover new and enriching ways to connect and deepen intimacy, both physically and emotionally.

We offer a wealth of styles and experience so there is something juicy to suit every couple.

Our individual couple sessions are suitable for couples who are new to tantra, as well as those who are already on their tantric journey together. All tantric lessons are practical and skill based, giving you lots of tantric tips to take home and practice. We hope that these experiences will give you enough of a taste of tantra to wake up your taste buds, to the amazing healing potential of tantric lovemaking and ritual. Our aim is to help you to deepen your intimacy and connection, as well as enhancing the love and fulfillment in your relationship. We can cater for all sexual orientations

We are also able to offer bespoke experiences and private retreats, please contact us if you would like to explore this, or would like further information about these experiences.

Erotic MassageIn these simple, practical yet profound 4 hour sessions, Ali Grace will guide you in the loving practice of giving and receiving tantric massage to and from each other.

Allowing you to connect more deeply from your hearts this practice encompasses so many aspects of your relationship. On one level you'll learn about different kinds of techniques to enhance connection, erotic touch and sensuality. On another level you'll have different way of seeing each other and being seen and accepting each other in a loving caring way. And it's also fun and pleasurable and I find it deeply moving. If you'd like to take your great relationship to another level this will enhance your love for each other and give beautiful value to your precious time shared together.

  • Developing your confidence to give and receive expansive pleasure
  • Awakening eroticism in your partner through breath and touch
  • Discovering many ways to arouse his/her erogenous zones
  • Exploring variety of strokes and techniques to build his/her passion
  • Practising full body touch to heighten sensitivity and raise energy