Tantra for couples in UK

Glastonbury Tantric Temple offers a collection private experiences for couples, each created by our practitioners to celebrate the Sacred Union.

These one to four hour sessions aim to support couples to discover new and enriching ways to connect and deepen intimacy, both physically and emotionally.

We offer a wealth of styles and experience so there is something juicy to suit every couple.

Our individual couple sessions are suitable for couples who are new to tantra, as well as those who are already on their tantric journey together. All tantric lessons are practical and skill based, giving you lots of tantric tips to take home and practice. We hope that these experiences will give you enough of a taste of tantra to wake up your taste buds, to the amazing healing potential of tantric lovemaking and ritual. Our aim is to help you to deepen your intimacy and connection, as well as enhancing the love and fulfillment in your relationship. We can cater for all sexual orientations

We are also able to offer bespoke experiences and private retreats, please contact us if you would like to explore this, or would like further information about these experiences.

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Special Offer

3 hour introductory Tantra lesson for couples - £ 125 per couple in Glastonbury.

Couples Introduction To Tantra Lesson

Open the gateway to the blissful art of tantric sex with tantric ritual and sacred lovemaking techniques. This introductory private class will help you discover more exiting and erotic methods to enhance pleasure, as well as deepening your emotional and physical connection with your partner. Training in these basic tantra techniques can inspire couples who are looking to rekindle their passion or to explore beyond the usual, through connecting at the levels of heart, sex and spirit.

Erotic Massage

Couples Erotic Massage Lesson

Learn and explore tantric massage techniques with your partner to enhance your lovemaking or as a variation to sex. Erotic sensual touch naturally enlivens your senses, bringing more passion and pleasure to your whole body, often resulting in multi orgasmic states of bliss. Together with your teacher, you will be guided through simple techniques that will transform your love making into divine ecstacy.

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Couples Tantric BDSM Lesson

Tantric BDSM is ideal for couples who have an interest, curiosity or nervousness about exploring any aspects of BDSM. Maybe "Fifty Shades of Grey" has left you or your partner with questions or desires? Our unique training guides you through the options of using tantric BDSM techniques as a means of attaining immense pleasure, deep connection and learning. Our coaching includes practical advice about how to enjoy tantric BDSM in a safe and responsible manner.

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Couples Supportive Tantra Retreats

This training in the form of 3 month Relationship Development Programs. They teach three different levels of RDP. Each program begins with a three day residential retreat where they set the theme and framework of the program and take you through a series of exercises and techniques that you will take away and explore in the following months.

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Introduction To Lovers Massage Retreats

Massage is a powerful and fun way to deepen and explore love, connection, intimacy and conscious sexuality within relationship. It expands our awareness, our sensitivity and our capacity to give, receive and share our sensuality and intimacy.